How You Can Use Popular Photography Tricks

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HDR PhotographyThere are many tools you can use when you would like to do trick photography, some of these tools will include a tripod stand, photo editing software and special lenses. These are all dependent on the type of image you want to achieve.

Below are some popular photography tricks you can try out:

HDR Photography

HDR (High Dynamic High Range photography) is a technique that layers multiple photos into a single image. In turn this increases the image’s dynamic range, this will allow one to increase the visibility of highlights and shadows in your photo. Due to limit of information that D SLR cameras can record one needs to “bracket” (capture multiple photos of the same subject that are varying in brightness) and then layer them using digital editing software like Adobe Photoshop, the software will help you create highly dynamic photos.

Forced Perspective

This is an awesome technique that one should master because you can do it without any editing. All you need to do is set your camera to the smallest aperture possible and position your camera in front of your subject

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Types Of Shot In Photography

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Types Of Shot In PhotographyTaking pictures is easy and anyone can do it actually. But if you want to make it to the next level, it is better for you to learn the types of shot in photography.

This type of shots in photography is also applied in TV Broadcasting and video production. Let’s see each of them and learn their uses too:

1. Long Shot (LS) or Wide Shot (WS)

This type of shot includes almost everything that can fill your camera’s frame. From the name itself, it means you must take the shot as wide as possible.

Uses: Wide shot is used to establish the scene. It gives the general view of the place. In telling a story, WS is used first to show the audience where the setting is. In landscape photography, it is also used to show beautiful scenes such as mountain ranges, sea shore, trees etc.

2. Medium Shot

The “in between” in the types of shot in photography is called the Medium shot. If the wide shot includes almost everything, Medium shot frames the scene closer. If your

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This Is How To Set Up The Canon 60d Camera For Shooting Video

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Canon 60dThe Canon 60d camera is awesome! Why? One word: versatility. This is the most versatile DSLR out there right now. It has a flip out LCD monitor which makes it very practical for shooting video at extreme angles. The big sensor gives you the super 35mm film look. With prime lenses you can shoot clean video in low light, I’ve lit scenes with nothing more than a lighter using the 60d.

It is light weight, and fits on a Nono Fly-cam, and looks like a tourist camera, when you need to shoot in public places, and not draw attention to yourself. It can take full frame lenses too. And it has manual sound level controls, and more. Taking all of this into account plus the fact that it is one of the cheapest DSLRS, the Canon 60d Camera is a great deal.

This is how to set up the Canon 60d Camera for shooting video. If you are shooting video on it you want to set it up to perform like a video camera. That means primarily having the

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