Sell Your Photos Online

Posted on February 29, 2016 By

Sell Your Photos OnlineWe must thank the advent of the internet – through this we can sell our photos online. In this digital age, we can make our own store online or sell our photos to photo online stores out there.

Before, we are having problem with where to sell our photos due to so much competition. Another problem is that, renting a commercial space is really expensive. Plus if you add the expenses in business permits, travels, maintenance and what not, income is really hard to get. Business is really hard specially if you are still starting. It is most likely also that your business will go into bankruptcy if there are only few art collectors in your place who are willing to buy in your shop.

The good news is, you can sell your photos online! I’m really glad that today, we have the internet and it is easy to connect with so many people throughout the whole world. This gave us more opportunity to expand our business and gain more clients. It also gave room for amateur and intermediate photographers to sell their photos. That is because you don’t have to own a professional camera (you have to own basic skill in photography however) to do this business. You can also make this as your part time job aside from your day job. It can also give you a passive income. You can just submit your photos in those online stores once and buyers can buy them many times. Isn’t it that wonderful? You don’t even need a big investment to do that.

So here are some of the tips that will get you started in selling your photos online:

1. Know your target buyers and what photos will they buy

That’s because your personal photos that are important to you is not necessarily important to others too. If you shoot your old mug that has a sentimental value then sell that photo online, do you think they will be interested to buy it? Of course not. So what photos do you think are interesting to buyers?

It is better to take photos that either give ideas or tells a story to capture the emotion. You can also do deep arts like abstract but nowadays, people most likely buy subjects that they can easily understand and touches their heart. Example of this is a photo of a beggar. It might be that a writer about development come across your photo and buy it. It’s also good to shoot photos about travels, places, landscapes, natures, etc.

2. Sumbit the right photo at the right time

Timing is the key! If it is mothers’ day next week, what photo subject do you think is hot for sale? Well I leave the answer to you.

3. Get the best and quality shots

Though even amateurs can sell photos online, it’s really a great advantage if you got more skills and equipment in photography. It is more likely that buyers will buy the better quality shots than just a mediocre. So keep on learning and practicing. Try to invest in equipment too.

4. Create your website, FB fan page, and Twitter

It’s a good idea to have your social networking site or even your own website (you can use blogger for free) and your collection of samples must all be there. In this way it is easier to show them to clients if they need one. Buyers might also come across your photos online and contact you directly.

5. Tell people about your photos for sale and sell them!

This is the most important part. There are two ways that you can do here. You sell your photos directly in your website, Facebook, Twitter, or any social networking site. Another way is you can create an account to websites that specializes in selling photos online. Some just need you to pay little amount of money to buy copyrights or what not but those are nothing if it will lead you to more buyers. The advantage in selling your photos to these sites is that there websites are optimized to be ranked higher in google search. That means if someone will be searching for a photo to buy, it is mostly likely that they might buy your photos.

These sites are called microstock sites like istockphoto, shutterstock, fotolia, bigstock, 123RF, and so many others out there. You can always google them!