What Is Digital Photography

Posted on March 29, 2016 By

What Is Digital PhotographyYou may have the question in your mind when it comes to digital photography.. ‘What is digital photography?’  Digital photography is replacing the well known film photography.  First you need to know what the basic principles are of photography.

The basic principles of photography

Light makes it possible for a camera to see an object.  This light is reflected into the lens of the camera, the lens is used to guide the light onto the photo plane which records the photograph.

Digital photography uses an array of light sensitive sensors to capture images.  This is different from film photography.  In film photography, light sensitive photographic film is exposed and a chemical processing method is used to develop the photographs.

Another difference is that the image sensors differ in their amount of pixels.  Because an image sensor contains millions of individual pixels, the term used to indicate the resolution is ‘megapixel’.  The higher the megapixels, the better camera you have.  A higher resolution means that you will get a better quality photograph and this is very important when you want to print your photographs.

Digital photography makes the world much easier for a photographer, but some people really struggles with digital.  You can take your photograph and you are immediately able to see what it looks like, there is no need to finish the film, develop and print the photographs before you are able to view it.  This way you will immediately know if you need to reshoot.

You can put your photographs directly onto computer without the need of scanning it first.  From there you can email, store on computer, print or edit your photographs.  You can use editing software such as photoshop to edit your photographs.  You can crop the image, enhance the colours, correct imperfections and even add or remove content in the photograph.

An advantage of a digital photography:

It allows instant access to the photograph, and you will be able to know immediately if you need to reshoot, plus it has lower overall costs.

A disadvantage of digital photography:

Film has a higher dynamic range, meaning that film can capture a larger range of tonal quality.  This plays a big role in image quality, for example a sunset will look better when taken with a film camera, because film can capture more shades of white.  This can help to prevent over-exposing.

Digital cameras continues to improve, for most people it will remain the better choice.